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WordPress Websites

We design premium WordPress Websites for any business. WordPress is the most used platform that dominates 30% of the websites on the internet.

Ecommerce Websites

We design and build your E-Commerce site on premium responsive platforms like Woocommerce and Opencart.

Basic Graphics Designing.

We provide basic graphics designing services along with basic graphics editing.

Technical Support & Solutions

We provide engaging support and solutions helpline where we solve your problems.

About Us

ER Incorporated Technologies became a reality in 2020, since then we have built and helped people promote their websites with incredible success. Our journey and aspirations are founded in real life obstacles and complex intertwining processes to finally get results. We use our knowledge in a complex industry and pass it on to our clients that will get them started quicker.


If you want a website for your business or store I recommend that you give ER Inc Tech a call they affordable and very helpful in their service that they deliver, I don't know where I would be without them. Thankyou ER Inc Tech.

Hermann Siebert

Vaal Christian School

I've created a great relationship with ER Inc Tech and they created a beautiful website for my business their attention to detail is exactly what I've been looking for. Thank you ER Inc Tech.

Neville De Goede

Nekhawalithi Building Projects

I've asked ER Inc Tech to create a website for my photography business and I can say with confidence that they delivered the perfect website for me. Thank you ER Inc Tech.

Angie Delport

I've been creating websites for the past year now and I can tell you that I take pride in all my projects and strife the give each project a  unique look. Thank you

Ermandt Janse van Rensburg

ER Inc Tech

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